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The following campaigns are in development to secure financial support for SKADI Foundation projects. Exclusive fundraising campaign sponsorship opportunities are outlined on the Project Sponsorship page.


Minor Campaigns

The following are minor fundraising campaigns:

  • Calendar Fundraiser: Calendars available for purchase online and at outreach tours.

  • Custom Helmet Fundraiser: Corporate sponsored custom painted helmet social media raffle.

  • Grant Applications: SKADI Foundation Board to research and submit grant applications.

  • GoFundMe Campaign: Used to gain long-term financial support, reach out to a knowledge-base and to spread our message.


Major Campaigns

The following are major fundraising campaigns:

  • Snow Rodeo and Avalanche Rescue Games Event: Interactive motorized user avalanche awareness event with fundraiser and social.

  • The Calling (SKADI Foundation’s flagship fundraiser): Annual mountain snowmobile festival and fundraiser.

  • Outreach Tours (Fall, Winter, Schools): Tours in Western Canada in select locations consisting of strong snowmobiler populations to: access local stakeholders and suppliers, distribute printed media, showcase digital media, conduct presentations to snowmobilers, gain content for video series.

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