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SKADI Foundation’s mission is to increase motorized user safety in the mountains by providing leadership, development and communication of mountain survival and safety practices, products, and services.


SKADI Foundation is a non-profit foundation composed of experienced volunteers dedicated to making mountain adventures safe and enjoyable for everyone. Too many people have not returned home to their loved ones doing something they love and the people of SKADI Foundation strive to reduce and prevent future losses.


In the past seven years SKADI Foundation volunteers have invested their time and money in field research for the development of snow pits to test snowmobile impacts, presenting research to the Canadian Avalanche Associations AGM and conducting outreach talks in local communities. These volunteers are ready to expand their efforts and have developed several projects that that will provide focused practices specific to motorized users.


The following CORE PROJECTS are designed to direct a shift in the culture of safe motorized mountain use practices. Each project meets SKADI Foundation’s Mission Statement and Objectives, has an interactive strategy, is meaningful, and can evolve/adapt/recur. Implementation of these projects over the next 5-years will have a positive, lasting impact in the motorized mountain sports community.


Please Contact Us if you are interested in sponsoring or partnering with us to help us achieve our project goals. Click Here to see our Corporate Sponsorship Structure.



Research and Message Development

Extract, organize and develop motorized mountain survival information and establish comprehensive messaging relevant to the motorized sports community.


  • Collaborate with Search and Rescue to develop backcountry preparedness and survival messaging and generate a guide for communicating with Search and Rescue in emergency situations specific to motorized users.

  • Work with Avalanche Canada to promote existing avalanche awareness messaging.

  • Establish a peer review board to uphold consistent messaging throughout all safety organizations.

  • Work in conjunction with Adventure Studies faculty at Thompson Rivers University to:

    • write motorized user analysis papers for the 2017 International Snow Science Workshop. Topics to include motorized user fatality rates in each terrain classification and user days to fatality ratios in managed motorized user areas of British Columbia.

    • research and compose recommendation papers including: track observation and compaction, avalanche and terrain hand signals and traveling habits, using snowmobiles in conjunction with avalanche rescue techniques, slope testing techniques, backcountry etiquette, safety around helicopters, communicating with Search and Rescue.

  • Explore existing course content to assess applicability to the motorized sports community and provide recommendations.

  • Skanke Pit 2.0: determine how motorized user impact the snowpack by conducting a Snowmobile Pressure Bulb study and develop Inconsequential Slope Stability Testing procedures.

Message Distribution

Establish a message distribution platform that reaches out to all demographics in the motorized sports community. Design a platform that is wide-ranging, engaging, interactive and educational. SKADI Foundation’s core message distribution projects include: print/digital media, outreach tours, special events and in-field motorized mountain safety message placement.



Design consistent brand and motorized mountain survival messaging across print and digital media platforms to entice, engage and educate motorized users. All media beta-tested by peer review process. Solicit stakeholders and sponsors for cross-promotion opportunities. Establish cross-promotion Memorandums of Understanding and contracts.



  • Design social media campaign that engages and educates motorized users.

  • Establish vast social media presence on a variety of platforms including website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube and additional internet forums.

  • Assign a Social Media Manager to promote events, increase followers, cross-promote social media channels, engage followers with interactive/educational experiences, prepare analytic reports and ensure diligence with existing Memorandums of Understanding and contracts.

  • Develop a content release strategy.



  • Design a print media campaign that entices and educates motorized users.

  • Print calendars, brochures, rack cards and posters to be distributed at events, outreach tours, tradeshows, presentations, social media platforms and additional outlets.



  • Produce 4 video series that are meaningful, educational and have lasting impact on motorized users.

    1. Lessons Learned Series

      • 1.5-minute video clips of close call experiences to shift the culture of hiding mistakes and learning from mistakes.

      • Connect with people who have posted close call experiences on social media. Schedule film interviews during Outreach Tours.

      • Post video clips on social media platforms.

    2. The A-Team Edits

      • A 45-minute video with riding video clips and educational messaging.

      • Include Ambassador introductions/biographies.

      • Utilize Ambassadors for backcountry riding footage.

      • Footage breaks with designated analyzer relaying risk management insights.

      • Video to be presented at outreach tours, video snippets released on social media platforms, full video available on Vimeo, printed copies distributed at supplier shops, video to have inclusive poster campaign.

    3. Critical Thinking Series

      • 1.5-minute video clips developed in conjunction with The A-Team Edits.

      • Content to include priority messaging, risk management and snow analysis.

      • Produce 25 high-quality video clips.

      • Post video clips on social media platforms.

    4. Vlogs

      • 1.5-minute Vlogs conducted by Ambassadors with shot lists and current riding conditions.

      • Develop storyboards.

      • Vlogs to be released on Ambassador and SKADI Foundation social media platforms.



Fall, Winter, high-school outreach tours and tradeshow booths in select locations with strong snowmobiling populations to: access local stakeholders and suppliers, distributed/showcase printed and digital media, conduct educational presentations and gain content for Lessons Learned Series.



  • Select 8 key locations in Western Canada.

  • Solicit and work in conjunction with local stakeholders and suppliers.

  • Develop 2-hour motorized mountain survival awareness talk.

  • Work with supplier staff on product knowledge and messaging.

  • Live auction to raise funds for local non-profits.

  • Snowmobile movie screening.

  • Beta-test 4-hour workshop at 1 location.



  • Select 4 key locations in British Columbia.

  • Free avalanche awareness ride and seminar.

  • Solicit local clubs and collaborate on risk management messaging.

  • Ambassadors to shadow to develop facilitation skills.



  • Contract existing avalanche awareness educators to conduct presentations focused on motorized mountain survival at high-schools in British Columbia.

  • Develop Request for Proposals.



Establish interactive events/projects with educational components for motorized users.



Mountain snowmobile festival and non-profit fundraiser. The Calling is an annual snowmobiling festival in Revelstoke, British Columbia that generates funding for non-profit groups, shifts the culture of safe backcountry mountain motorized use practices, generates community revenue and exposure for Revelstoke as a world-class snowmobiling destination.

  • Organize a festival that offers competitive, non-competitive, educational opportunities a wide-ranging motorized sports community.

  • Project is in development phase. There are 8 core experienced members establishing a platform.



Work with motorized user clubs, the Otrovox program and additional stakeholders to establish transceiver checker signs in high-use areas around British Columbia.


Legacy Programs

Design programs that will have lasting impact on motorized sports community.



SKADI Foundation recruits Ambassadors on contract. SKADI Foundation sponsors training/mentoring and provides publicity, recognitions, and endorsements. Ambassadors provide content for print/video media and make appearances at outreach tours, public events and presentations. Upon completion of the Ambassador Program, Ambassadors are recognized as highly trained and qualified instructors in the motorized sports community.

  • Develop a 3-year term contract to include training and education fee schedules, expectations/obligations outlines and review process.

  • Establish Ambassador Program prerequisites and application process.

  • Work with top athletes to produce educational, high-quality videos to be released throughout the riding season.

  • Winter 2016 we will be working with Brodie Evans to produce two video edits a month. Video topics will include Brodie’s approach to current riding conditions, critical thinking and terrain management.

  • Establish a team of 7-10 Ambassadors by 2021.



Provide financial aid for motorized users and/or their families affected by avalanches to help with unforeseen cost, such as but not limited to medical attention/equipment, travel, physical therapy, life after death.



Provide financial aid to persons who wish to advance education in backcountry motorized sport or outdoor activity including subsidizing the cost of equipment, training, coaching, instruction and travel costs that may stand in the way of achieving goals.

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